• Natalie Taylor

Important life lessons

I might be wrong but I think the blog posts which interest people the most are always the more personal ones, the ones where you learn something about the person who’s written it. So here’s some insight into the life lessons I’ve learnt so far (I know I’m only 22 but still), I hope that if you find yourself reading this, they’ll be of use to you.

1.) Know your worth

All too often I’ve found myself in situations where I’ve believed I was the problem, the one who needed to apologise or who had done something wrong. An ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m at fault’ mentality which has previously led to incessant over-apologising. Not all relationships are healthy ones and they become unhealthy when the harmonious equilibrium between the two parties is disrupted. With certain people, you will find this disruption happens very often whilst with other rarely ever. If you find that certain relationships consistently bring you more headaches than happiness, it might be time to consider binning them off. You’re important too.

2.) Life is too short

Said all too often but take it from one that knows. For those of you who have read my blog post about my mum, I’ve experienced this first hand. But what does this mean in practice? It means not going to bed on an argument, cherishing moments with the people that mean the most to you, SAYING HOW YOU FEEL – you never know when the last time you’ll get to tell someone will be. This, however, also applies to other aspects of your life, if you’re in a career that makes you loathe peeling yourself out of bed in the morning for, change it, re-train, look for something else. Easier said that done, right? I’m not saying it’d be easy but, again, if you want to live a fulfilled life, your happiness has to be top on your priority list.

3.) When you mess up, say SORRY

This might seem to completely contradict my first point, I know. This is, however, part of parcel of getting older. Believe me, there was a time when I was adamant about having the last word and always being right and from time to time I still have a little difficulty with this. But no one is perfect and we all fuck up from time to time. Life is about holding your hands up and admitting that and being sincere when you do so.

4.) The important thing you can give someone is your time

Time is an irreplaceable commodity and without trying to sound too morbid each one of us only has a set amount of it on the clock. Make time for people that matter to you. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a friend or family member, pick up the phone and call them or text them and ask to meet up. Reach out more and when you do see them, put the damn phone away and actually give them your time and attention rather than scrolling mindlessly through Insta. When you’re 80 you won’t look back on your life and remember all the times you spent on social media, you’ll remember the moments you spent with those important to you. It’s the little moments that you later actually realise were the really big ones.

5.) Be kind

Again, I’m telling you nothing new here but from time to time people need a little reminder. No one’s life is without its problems or its ups and downs and you have no idea what people are dealing with in their private lives despite the front they put on. In the months that followed losing my mum, I was often told how ‘well’ I seemed to be coping because everyone bought the fake smile I slapped on my face every morning. Smiling at people in the street, holding the door open for people, giving people the time of day. In short, just don’t be an arsehole.

6.) Push yourself, cause no one’s gonna do it for you

Make goals, make lists, set deadlines, be disciplined. This shouldn’t be at the exclusion of you enjoying yourself and making the most of life, of course. But being rigorous and motivated in areas of your life that you want to improve is an extremely rewarding mindset and behavior to adopt. If you really want something, you need to fully dedicate yourself to it and adjust your lifestyle in order to be able to attain it. You can’t be half-hearted if you really want to achieve something, and if you are, it’s because you’re not really that bothered about it.

By writing this post, I'm not claiming to be perfect or the ultimate fountain of all knowledge. But nevertheless I hope if you've got this far in reading it, that it's maybe provided you with a point of reflection and that you've enjoyed reading it x


©2018 by Natalie Jane Taylor